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As a non profit organization it is our job to serve you, and you can help us too.
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With a quick fill of our CONTACT form, indicating your requirement, an organization member will call you to start acting immediately upon your needs. Our network of professionals can assist you in different ways, many of them without cost to you. If you are having legal or immigration problems, taxes or if you need consulting for your project, or if you had an accident, we are sure we can help in a prompt and effective way.

Help notedejes
You can help us by donating or investing in notedejes or Fondo Paisano

Our investors are focused in small community projects that make our projects in different countries to thrive and be successful.
If you wish to donate, all Fondo Paisano funds are destined to small startup projects from entrepreneurs with small size but with a big vision of their future. Our help is invaluable for them.
Just send us your contact information HERE and one of our project managers will call you promptly.

About No Te Dejes

We are a California based, non-profit organization registered under the IRS(501)c(3), dedicated to support immigrant communities, focused on improving their lives and well-being of their working families, regardless of immigration status.

    If you have experienced :
  • An accident at work
  • A car accident
  • Layoff from work without justification, or
  • If you need help with a United States Inmmigration (USCIS)

  • Please complete the contact form HERE

Fondo Paisano

Micro Loans program with low interest rates, focused on helping immigrant communities. These funds are provided by donations and kind contributions of groups and individuals from different latin-american countries, who wish to invest in the well being of the families we help.
Please visit Fondo Paisano's website either if you need a micro loan or if you wish to invest with us:

Contact Form

Please provide us with some information so we can design a specific plan for your needs. All information received is reviewed carefully and we get back to you as soon as possible.
Don't forget to visit Fondo Paisano to obtain more information about our foundation.

Please do not send SPAM or commercial offerings. All such contact attempts are ignored and reported. Only use this form for the purpose it is intended.